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Serving Patients Since 1998

Sarah is compassionate, always accessible and creative in the way she provided counselling to patients. She has an innate ability to understand what people are going through, adjusting to so many challenges and changes in roles, and made them feel supported and safe to open up to her and discuss the challenges of aging.  And she worked with the families trying to adjust to the changes their Mom and Dad were going through.  I never saw her angry or frustrated.  She was always very enthusiastic with such a good attitude.

-Maryann H., Former Director of Social Services at a Northern NJ Skilled Nursing Facility 

-Sarah has helped me so much with my anxiety, she breaks things down to very understandable elements. I also love her upbeat spin on things.-Patient-H.N.

-I was depressed which made me hesitant to try psychotherapy, but Sarah set the tone for a relaxed, accepting, warm experience-Patient-B.T.

I had the privilege to work with Sarah as she presented her Purposeful Aging series to our local senior center.  She offered a multiple session interactive program focusing on helping seniors to discover purpose and meaning through their transition into an aging and retired lifestyle. I watched (and even participated) as she engaged her participants in thoughtful and thought-provoking concepts to identify meaning and importance within a life they were now engaged.  This program encouraged them to create their lives with a direction that continues to bring joy and comfort. Sarah’s program was well constructed and researched.  I highly recommend it for any senior programming and for everyone looking to find meaning through life’s later transitions. 

 ~Michele S., Senior Health Care Representative, Liaison and Care manager.

Ms. Hiller has been careful, conscientious, and communicative while helping me manage the needs of my elderly aunt. I’m grateful for her professionalism and the high level of care she provides. -L.L.

This past year, Sarah enlivened our center with her monthly  interactive lectures.  The group attendants were energized by  her knowledge, passion and insight.  She has a strong ability to empathize and connect to others, as well as validate a situation as the individual is empowered to change.  The group embraced and were inspired by  her ideas and perspective .   Sarah's optimistic, dynamic,  personality and perspective  are a great fit for those seeking a vibrant and effective psychotherapist.

-Leslie G., Director of Senior Source

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